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Course Descriptions and Registration

All of our classes, for at least the remainder of 2020, will be held remotely (live online), with the exception of our Immersion Program. Our classes will differ from many online classes in that the entirety of each course will take place live (no recorded material) which allows students to ask questions and get clarifications in the moment. Courses are spread over a longer period of time to allow for shorter days, reducing the amount of time each day that students are in front of a computer screen. All classes run between two and four hours a day, and from five to fifteen days in duration. These classes will be taught by Michael, with practical portions being run by experienced staff trainers.

In order to attend these courses students will need the following:

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with a camera.
  • A good, reliable high-speed internet connection (wireless for courses with practical portions).
  • Wireless/Bluetooth earbuds with microphones (for courses with practical portions).
  • A tripod, or an assistant, to hold your phone or tablet (for courses with practical portions).
  • A safe, uncluttered training area with good footing and access to Wifi, at least 25 feet by 25 feet in size (for courses with practical portions, especially obedience, protection, and motivation courses).
  • Many of the obedience courses will also require an assistant for various exercises. Details will be provided regarding the role of the assistant when you register for class.
  • Specific training equipment lists will be provided upon registration.

The schedule for the remainder of 2020 will be:

The Proper Use of the Electronic Collar: September 14th through 18th (M-F) from 9 am to approx. 12 (noon) pacific time.
This course follows the material covered in our traditional in-person class, and is primarily lecture, demonstration, and discussion, although there may occasionally be some practical portions for students who are interested in participating, and who have a dog that has satisfied all of the preparatory prerequisites for introducing the remote collar (email the school for details).

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Behavior Modification: November 2nd through 13th (M-F) from 9 am to approx. 12 (noon) pacific time.
This course follows the material covered in our traditional in-person class, and is primarily lecture, demonstration, and discussion. In order to attend our Behavior Modification course each student will need to have taken our Obedience Intensive course (or our interactive Principles of Dog Training course offered through Leerburg’s Online University), and our Management course.
*For this session ONLY, we are waiving the Management prerequisite and will include the important management principles in the course. This one time only exception is due to time constraints and in 2021 the requirement will be reinstated*

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Obedience Intensive: November 30th through December 18th (M-F) from 9 am to approximately 1 pm pacific time.
This course follows the material covered in our traditional in-person class. It is our core class, and details the foundational principles of how we approach training. It also serves as a prerequisite for our Advanced Obedience and Behavior Modification courses. There will be lecture, demonstration, discussion, and extensive guided practice. *Please note the requirements for an appropriate training space and assistant for this course*

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** Please note, we no longer accept deposits for the weekly classes. To register you must pay in full.
The last day to request a full refund is 24 hours before the course begins.
Your refund will will be returned minus 3% fees.

Course Descriptions

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Techniques for making the most of your puppy for work or pet
  • TBD
Techniques for Managing Your Dog During the Training Process
  • TBD
An introduction to Michael’s training system in theory and practice.
  • TBD
Techniques for Increasing Motivation and Drive
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
The Methods for Teaching Advanced Obedience Exercises
  • TBD
Guided Practice for Advanced Obedience Exercises
  • TBD
  • TBD
Protection Theory
  • TBD
Decoy Clinic
  • TBD
ADDITIONAL CONCEPTS 1: Expanding Obedience Toolbox.
  • TBD
Teaching The Exercises of Ringsport and IPO
  • TBD

Our Program is one of the most complete and information dense curriculums in the country.


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